Tuesday, June 21, 2011

day 181: Counting Cards

About a year and a half ago, I begged and pleaded and begged some more for a Cricut. Don't know what that is? Then go here, and explore the wonderful world of the Cricut!

But, I digress...

I was begging and pleading for a Cricut for Christmas in 2009. And, thanks be to Wal-Mart's awesome Black Friday sale, I got one!! It's black, and it's awesome. Honestly though, I took it out of the box to play with it as soon as I got it and then put it back. I didn't touch it again until December 2010 when I began making things for the wedding. Mostly, I made the tags for the favors. {seen below} I made a few other small things for the wedding, but that was about it until around the end of April 2011.

At the end of April, I got seriously jealous of my neighboring teacher at school. She was making the cutest things for her classroom and her students. I decided that I needed to do that for my kids in my classroom! Then, I started making cards too. And, I've mainly been making cards for the past few months - mother's day, birthdays, father's day, etc. You can see all of them below!!

 a graduation card I made for my brother in law

 father's day card for my dad.

father's day card for my husband's dad

father's day card for my grandfather
birthday card for my girl kelly {one of the firsts I made}
birthday card for my girl Mary
 back of wedding card for our good friends Melissa & Scott

 front of wedding card for our good friends Melissa & Scott

 mother's day card for my grandmother {one of my firsts}
card I made for my room moms this year. they got starbucks gift cards as well.

Now, I get to make birthday banners and signs for my niece's first birthday in July! I will definitely be sure to post about what I make!! It's sure to be super cute - minnie mouse & zebra prints. Cool, right??

{thanks @thatsostelle for inspiring me to write this post}

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