Wednesday, June 15, 2011

day 175: I Hate Storms

Ever since I can remember, I have hated storms. 

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When I was younger, I hated being stuck inside playing with my sister. We would sing: Rain Rain, Go Away; Some Again Another Day and stare out the window longingly. I also hated having to get out of the pool because of lightning. It was such a drag and inconvenient. But, to be honest, I wasn't really the girly girl who didn't like getting wet. I actually liked that part (unlike my hair, which would explode and become uncooperative). 

When my brother was little, I always found it cute when he'd ask Jesus to turn down the music! But now, as I've gotten older, the loud noise that the thunder makes isn't my favorite anymore. I'm also not a fan of the prelude to thunder - lightning. The bigger and brighter the flash = the louder the thunder. I guess I just don't like the unexpectedness, the inability to know when it's coming.

Up until April of last year (2010), I could manage the storms and not freak out too terribly. Now, it's a wonder that I'm able to drive in the rain. I'm seriously gun shy of severe weather. Can I put on a brave face around the children I work with? Absolutely! If I was alone, would I be silently panicking? You bet I would!!!!!

And here's why...

I hydroplaned during a strong rainstorm on the interstate (thanks to a semi) and crossed all four lanes of traffic. The only thing I hit was the retaining wall twice. I hit it once and then spun around and hit it again. Meaning, I was facing the wrong way. No one stopped to all! Thankfully, my brother and I were okay. The airbags didn't deploy, and I was the only one injured with just a few bumps, scrapes, and bruises.

Here is the other reason why I hate rain and thunderstorms...

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Beautiful places, like Nashville, get flooded. We've recovered well, but I'm sure you didn't hear about when it was happening last May. This flooding happened two weeks after my car accident. My school was hit hard, most especially my classroom too! Now, the school has been trying to figure out why water keeps coming into my room and how to stop it. I'm very anal about where I put things so that I can be sure they do not get ruined.

On a positive note, the cicadas are gone! Which means, I can start working on my yard!! It will thank me later when it looks much better and doesn't look like death.


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  1. I hate storms toooooooo!!! I'm glad your hydroplaning wreck wasn't worse but dang, what is WRONG with people that no one stopped?!? I swear.