Monday, April 25, 2011

day 114: My First Finished Craft Project as a Wife

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured into Hobby Lobby with a fellow teacher before heading to a Home & School meeting. We both have Cricut machines, and she uses hers all the time! She's decided that she is going to get me to use mine to its fullest capacity, for which I am completely grateful. Basically, we both bought a lot of paper!!! While we were investigating the paper products, I saw that they had some chipboard letters for sale (50% off)! I decided that they would be a good investment and would make great parent gifts for all the parents of my students. {Luckily, I only have 10 students so this project wasn't too overwhelming!}
I bought all the letters I needed for the last names of each of my students' families and took them home {along with more paper}.

This past weekend, over Easter, I took to the project like gum to the bottom of your shoe. Mr. GrapeJuice and I didn't have any family in town because they all went on vacation to the beach. {and, if you listen to mr. grapejuice complain, you'll hear him say that it's all my fault because i wouldn't ask for the time off} But, that's not relevant to my craftiness! 

I took each letter and paired it with two different papers. I wanted a layered look, and I'm fairly impressed with the results that came from all my hard work! It was very frustrating at some points, but they look great! I know this because Mr. GrapeJuice {in a "sweet mood"} said, "If your parents don't appreciate those, then they're crazy!"

I know! So sweet, right?
Yeah, he has his moments.

Well, here's how they turned out.
You might have noticed some of these on my twitter over the weekend.
I couldn't help posting pictures! I was just so proud of them all!
{please excuse the iPhone pics. i need a fancy-schmancy camera}

I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should spell out their last names on the letters too.
Do you think it'd be too busy?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, friends!!!!

p.s. they look even better in person! :)

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  1. I think the last names would be cool and make them even more special; I don't think it would be too busy at all! :)