Saturday, May 21, 2011

day 150: The Invasion

As if I haven't said this enough on twitter,
I hate cicadas!
I know they cannot hurt me, but they are super gross. 
I mean, just look at them...
And, if that wasn't enough, I've had multiple encounters with them.
It's like they know I can't stand them.

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting into my car, and there was one on the ground next to it. I didn't think much about it. I walked gingerly past it and quietly placed my things into the car. Then, I began to get into my car, and lo and behold, do you know what that little bugger did?! HE FLEW UP MY DRESS!!! That was encounter #1.

Encounter #2 was just a few days ago when I was outside with the PreK darlings during aftercare. One dared to land on me. Do you hear that?!?! It landed on me!!!!!! First, it landed on my arm, and I shook it off. Did it end there? Oh, nooooo. It flew back toward me and landed on my leg. So, naturally, I stood up and shook it off my leg. But, it didn't end there! It deigned to land on my other leg!!!! So, then I began dancing around and freaking out because it wouldn't leave me the hell alone! Stupid bug.

Now, they keep flying at me, and I keep freaking out. It humors the other teachers I work with quite a lot. But, I will say this, I'm not the only teacher that does not like them on bit. I just don't like the idea of bugs landing on me or in my hair. It's just down right gross!!!!!! 

And, to make matters worse, guess who is going to the zoo on Wednesday...
This chick! And, I'm seriously dreading, a lot.

I am only a resident of Insanityville for one more week and then it's over. 
Sad, but true. :(
I will miss my little darlings, but I will be so much happier once these cicadas have disappeared!!!!!

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