Friday, March 4, 2011

day 63: Old Music

So, here's a random Friday musing for you...

I want to know...
when does the music I listen to become an “oldie but goodie?”
Have you ever thought about that?
I do...a lot!
Maybe it’s because I’m constantly surrounded by young children or maybe it’s because I have a 10 year old brother.
Who knows?!
But, I do want to know, when does the music I listened to in grade school, high school, college become passe?
There are songs that come on the Top 40 hits radio stations that I listened to in grade school and my brother’s jamming out to them. It just seems odd/strange to me because I’m thinking “This song is soooo old” in my head, and it’s nearly new to him.
I think my favorite moment was when a Blink 182 song came on the radio. {do you remember them?} I cranked up and told him that he’d love it! Then, he asked who it was. That’s when it hit me. 

When does “my” music become “old?”



  1. I think it's fairly quick, like....two years. Really! Unless it's a really popular song. I found a record that had a single on it from when I was in middle school - I freaked. OUT. No one else has ever heard of the song. It made me feel super old.

  2. First of all, Blink 182 will never get old. Rocking out to All the Small Things is a once a year necessity. Secondly, I think about this too! R has younger cousins (13-17) and it's strange what music from the 90s they know and what they just think is "old" - I don't think they even know who the Spice Girls are!

  3. I think its pretty quick too - working with high school students makes me feel old because the bands and songs I love are so out of date and they call them old songs! We listened to Garth Brooks' "Unanswered Prayers" last night in Confirmation class and they were making fun of how "old" it sounded!