Sunday, February 20, 2011

day 51: The Decision

Mr. GrapeJuice and I have decided that we are going to stop living like college kids.
Granted, our home does not look this terrible. It is a disaster! We still have not put away our Christmas decorations. Yes, I know. It's shameful! They are no longer decorating our home, but they are not "put away." If that makes any sense...

Today though, we visited Lowe's. We were gifted a new garage door by my in-laws so we went to Lowe's to find out what they offer. So, step one is buy and have new garage door installed by this summer. Now, we will finally be able to successfully use our garage!! {score!}
While we were at Lowe's, I also picked up some paint samples by Valspar. This summer I have big plans for updating our home and making it reflect our personalities. I'm going to paint two rooms (to start with). In other words, these are the only two rooms my husband will let me paint at this time. So, I will be painting our guest room a soft shade of grey. The husband and I are in agreement that the grey will look nicely with our navy sheets and red quilt. And, can I just say that I'm killer excited that I get to use the color grey in my home?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Because I totally am!! I will also be painting our upstairs bathroom as well. Our rooms upstairs are blue and green so we're going with a pale blue/green color to make it look cohesive. I'm very excited that I get to do this over the summer all by myself. It should be very therapeutic and relaxing in the midst of a rather busy summer.

I'm so serious about redoing our house that I asked for Home Depot and Lowe's gift cards for my birthday. I'm ready to spruce this place up!
 Mr. GrapeJuice and I had hoped to deep clean/spring clean our house next weekend, but we will be super busy. We are going to go see Spring Awakening at TPAC courtesy of my parents.

We'll be making a weekend of it downtown. We won a one night stay at the Hermitage Hotel at a silent auction last summer. We had hoped that we could use it for our wedding, but we couldn't because our wedding was on a holiday. We were a little disappointed, but we will enjoy our mini stay-cation.

Our house's scheduled cleaning day is the first Saturday in March, which is two weeks away. We'll be doing inside work and outside work. I've enlisted the help of my father to remove a crape myrtle. He gets to use his chain saw so he's pretty pleased to say the least! And, depending on the weather and how much work we get down inside, I might attempt to pull up and remove all the monkey grass in front of our house too. I'd much rather have flowers than uncontrollable, unruly grass.

So, here's to being an adult and no longer living like a college kid!

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  1. I can not WAIT to own a home and paint!! I think I'd probably change the paint on the walls as often as I change my nail polish. :P